We are a local home-based business, based out of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada that vendors hand crafted wooden roses. Our roses are gorgeous rose buds with many different colours, approximately 2” deep and 1” wide and are set on a 12” stem. Each petal is individually cut from birch wood shavings and hand crafted to form a beautiful, life-like rose that will retain its vibrant, fresh appearance indefinitely. With a wisp of baby’s breath, the clear cello sleeve tied with a coordinated ribbon completes the classic look of the bouquet. The flexible stems are easily arranged, and of course there are no thorns.

All of our roses are, in their natural state, unscented (so as not affect anyone with allergies). You can order a Rose scent Spritzer to mist the buds. For that personal touch, mist the roses with your favorite perfume or cologne.

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 Call us: (250)818-1426. Leave us a Number as we may be with a client

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One thought on “Welcome

  1. Absolutely fantastic! unlike anything i have ever seen before. It really helps brighten up my living room, plus i never have to worry about watering them, which is plus haha.

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