About Our Roses

Our Roses are gorgeous rose buds with many different colors, approximately 2″ deep and 1″ wide and are set on a 12″ stem.

Each petal is individually cut from birch wood shavings and handcrafted to form a beautiful, life-like rose that will retain its vibrant, fresh appearance indefinitely. With a wisp of baby’s breath, the clear cello sleeve tied with a coordinated ribbon completes the classic look of the bouquet. The flexible stems are easily arranged, and of course there are no thorns.

See our Colour Chart. (new colors to come)

Small single rosebuds are so beautiful and lifelike; you must touch them to make sure they are made of wood. These unique roses are 13.5 inches long with the buds measuring 2 inches by 1.5 inches wide. We also carry half open roses and will order full open or bulk roses on request.

All of our roses are, in their natural state, unscented (so as not affect anyone with allergies). You can order a Rose Scent Spritzer to mist the buds. For that personal touch, mist the roses with your favorite perfume, cologne or put them in a vase or canister of your choice to let the stems absorb the oil and let off the scent coming through the roses. Our roses can be cleaned easily with a gentle blow from your hair dryer. Keep them out of direct sunlight and in high humidity and they will continue to delight for years. They are designed for indoor use.

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